Accutab Customer Reviews / Testimonials

Accutab Customer Reviews / Testimonials
Accutab Customer Reviews / Testimonials e-pill Accutab Pill Dispenser / Pill Box:

This is a sturdy device at a very reasonable price. It is easy to load and easy to use to dispense the medications.

It has three sections for each day (am noon and pm) so if your family member takes pills four times a day you will need something else for the other times (which is what we did.) The user has to know what day and time it is to take the pills at the right time. This part is not automatic. My mother had a lot of trouble remembering that she had to skip 'noon' which we keep empty to get to pm. She's got that figured out now.

The little sections are large enough for lots of pills including larger ones like glucosamine and vitamins. It does take a little organization and practice to fill it up correctly. If you drop a pill in the wrong slot you need some dexterity and a pair of tweezers to reach in and get it back out, otherwise you would have to go around and dispense all the other sections until you get to the error.

I LOVE that I can look at the device and see if she took her pills.

This is my second one I have purchased. I purchased this one as a gift for a friend.

I had a friend that kept forgetting to take his pills, now that this is in a place that he can not miss seeing every day. Several times a day, he never misses to take his pills.

He loves it. From now on it is the gift I will give to friends that take pills,, that you never know what to give them, makes a perfect gift.

I have had mine for 9 yrs now and love it..

Anyone taken pills on a regular basis should get this for home and use the pocket pillbox for trips.

Great device for dispensing medication.

Had one for my wife. Ordered this one for me. Fill it once a week and you don't have to even think about what to take for the rest of the week. Just put a shot glass or your hand under the dispenser and push the lever.

Great pill dispenser

This one proved to be exactly like the one we have used for a long time that had quit. Fast shipping too! Thanks--very easy for my aging parents to fill and use.
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