ZoltanCAP (Compliance Aid for Pharmaceuticals) is a modified digital watch

ZoltanCAP® Item# 205118
e-pill® Multi-Alarm TimeCap
SKU 941457

Thinking about purchasing the e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap / ZoltanCAP? Maybe you already own one? Take a look at these simple to follow instructional videos, and learn how to operate every aspect of this simple, yet amazing device! You will learn how to set the time, alarms, removing alarms, checking the time, and even how the alarm works.

The ZoltanCAP (Compliance Aid for Pharmaceuticals) is a modified digital watch, made an integral part of a threaded 33mm pharmaceutical closure. Included is a pharmaceutical bottle with a matching thread.

e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap / also known as the ZoltanCAP is a patented medicine bottle and cap which indicates to the patient the time-of-day, AM or PM and the day-of week the medication was last taken.

The ZoltanCAP® will operate for years on its battery, which can easily be changed by owner, technician, or jeweler.
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