25 Alarm Clock Reminder Rosie Reminder

25 Alarm Clock Reminder Rosie Reminder
Dear e-pill Customer,

When Daylight Savings time starts, adjust the time on your e-pill iTalk Reminder Assistant Alarm Clock (10 Alarms) by one hour.

By Voice Control:

1. Say “ Reminder Assistant” or press the clock down to wake up iTalk and iTalk responds “ Can I help you?”

2. Say “Set time” and iTalk will respond “Please tell me the time including AM or PM”.

3. Say the current time speaking normally and clearly facing iTalk.

4. iTalk will confirm the time. Your time has now been changed.

Manually change the time of your iTalk Alarm Clock using the buttons on the back of the device:

1. Press “MODE” once, and the hours digits will start flashing.

2. Press “UP” once to get one hour ahead.

3. The hour digit will automatically stop flashing after a few seconds and the new time has been recorded. Your time has now been changed
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