VOT Video Observed Therapy / Increased Medication Adherence / Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)

Video Observed Therapy (VOT)
Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)
= Increased Medication Adherence

In-person directly observed therapy (DOT) is considered the global “standard of care” and has proved to be an effective method for monitoring tuberculosis (TB) patients and ensuring treatment adherence and completion. Declining public health resources and improvements in technology have increased local TB control programs’ efforts to develop cost-effective strategies that assure patient adherence to appropriate and complete treatment regimens. | Tamper resistant e-pill Medication Dispensers.

One strategy used by several TB programs in California and across the nation is to observe patients taking their medication in their homes. Observation is typically done using a live video telephone on both the patient and provider ends. This procedure is known as video observed therapy (VOT). For the purpose of this guidance document, VOT is defined as the live videophone camera confirmation by a trained health care professional of a patient’s oral ingestion of TB medication. California Health Report: Learn more

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