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Eliminate Confusion: Know Exactly When you Last Took your Eye Medications.

Do you struggle to keep track of your eye medication schedule? Are you worried about missing a dose and compromising your eye health? Say goodbye to these concerns with our e-pill TimeCap Eye Medication Reminder and Eyedrop Guide. The solution to help you maintain a consistent and effective eye care routine The patient can set one or multiple alarms on the hour (up to 24 daily alarms).

Never forget to take your eye medications again with the TimeCap Eye!

Please note the cap is NOT Childproof.

Key Features
NEVER MISS A DOSE: Store your eye drops in the reminder bottle and use the eye drop guide for easy administration of your eye drops. Set on-the-hour reminders and know when you last took your eye drops or ointment with the unique LAST OPEN display. For easy administration, we also provide an eye drop guide that simplifies the process. Whether you need to take eye drops, ointments, or specific prescription medications, our e-pill TimeCap Eye will remind you to take your eye medication.

ALARMS: Up to 24 on-the-hour alarms. The alarm will sound for 10 seconds and the display will flash until the cap is removed from the bottle. All alarms automatically repeat every day.

SET REMINDERS & ALARMS: Stay on track with your eye care routine. Easily set multiple on-the-hour reminders throughout the day, ensuring you never miss a dose. Displays the time and day of week you last took your eye medication. Never miss a dose of your eye drops, ointments, or prescribed medications again!

EYEDROP GUIDE: For easy administration, we also provide an eye drop guide that simplifies the process. Shaped to fit comfortably over your eye and easy to use. No more struggles or spills. Fits with most standard size eye drops bottles and ointments.
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TimeCap Timer: Thread 33/400 | Size (mm) 33 | Finish 400
Daily pill bottle: 3.5 inch high x 1.75 inch wide
Weight: 2.5 fl ounces
Color: Blue Bottle & White Timer
Battery: LR44 (included)
Battery Life: 12-18 months
SKU: 931488
UPC: 837066001098
Shipping: Free Standard Shipping (US customers only, Non-US customers pay $15.00 S&H)
Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC | One (1) Year Warranty | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Instruction Manual
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