Congestive Heart Failure & Automatic Pill Dispenser

I believe my Dad is alive because of an automatic pill dispenser. He was recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Dad was prescribed multiple medicines (eight different medications to take daily). Dad was too sick to stay on top of his medication regimen himself. Mom was emotionally stressed and overwhelmed with scheduling Dad's medications.

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Mom will not disturb Dad if he is sleeping. Mom says “your Father can take his medicines when he wakes up” (she does not want to disturb him). The newly acquired automatic pill dispenser that i bought for him will indicate with a loud melody (alarm) and a visual indicator (flashing light) when it is time for Dad to take his medication.

While using his new automatic pill dispenser, my Dad has never missed a dosage. Now my Father is back to feeling like he did before his Congestive Heart Failure diagnosis! | What is Congestive Heart Failure?

Roughly 670,000 people are diagnosed with heart failure each year in the USA alone. It is the leading cause of hospitalization in people older than age 65.
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