Wall Street Journal: A Techie's Guide (e-pill featured)

WSJ - Wall Street Journal - December 9, 2003.

Read: A Techie's Guide To Staying Healthy. Gadgets that can help you exercise, diet, sleep-and more (click to enlarge image)

by Will Morton.

e-pill Medication Reminders featured in the Wall Street Journal story.

  • e-pill Vibrating 6 Alarm Watch
  • e-pill Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser (MD2)
  • e-pill Pillbox Alarm (Multi Alarm up to 37 daily alarms)
  • e-pill Pediatric (Child) Vibrating 6 Alarm Watch
  • e-pill 6 Alarm Key Chain Reminder

    Please visit Wall Street Journal to read the story; MEDICATION REMINDER and other items - A Guide to Staying Healthy.
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