Tablet Popper

Tablet Popper

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Effortless Pill Removal

e-pill Tablet Popper, a valuable tool for effortless pill removal from blister packs. This device addresses the challenges faced by individuals with manual dexterity issues such as arthritis or Parkinson's disease who struggle to remove tablets from blister packs and accurately place them into pill organizers or e-pill automatic pill dispensers.

Simply position the transparent tube over the designated compartment in your pill organizer or e-pill medication tray. Then, pop the tablet out of its blister packaging, ensuring it safely lands in the intended compartment via the tube.

The e-pill Tablet Popper is designed to work seamlessly with most types of blister tablet packaging. However, for particularly large or small tablets, manual handling manual handling may be required.
Key Features
EFFORTLESS PILL REMOVAL: Simplifies the process of removing pills from blister packs.

SMALL & LARGE PILLS: Features an adjustable opening that can cater to small and large pills and a detachable tube for exceptionally large tablets.

IDEAL: For individuals with reduced strength and limited dexterity.

CLINICAL STUDIES: Increases adherence to clinical trial protocol by providing easy access to medication in blister packs and reducing tablet damage risk . Article: Streamlining Medication Handling in Clinical Trials: The Benefits of the e-pill Tablet Popper
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