Things I can't Live Without: Cristy Clark, Tabletopics

Things I can't Live Without: Cristy Clark, Tabletopics
A set of timers and a versatile laptop charger help keep Cristy Clarke, founder of TableTopics, on track.

Things I Can't Live Without: Cristy Clarke, TableTopics

Cristy Clarke has made a career out of awkward silences -- or, rather, out of filling them. Clarke is founder of TableTopics (No. 364 on the Inc. 500), which publishes packs of cards with conversation-starting questions. ("If you could have any view from your back porch, what would it be?") As the company's primary question writer, Clarke tries to give free rein to her creativity. But she also needs tools that bring her back to reality.

  • E-PILL Multi-Alarms: "When I start writing, I forget everything else in my life -- I'll even forget to pick up my kids. I keep these alarms at home, in my purse, and at work. They're easy to set, and when one goes off, I know I have to stop writing and get on with life."

    By Meredith Maines Inc. Magazine Sep 1, 2009 | READ the INC. MAGAZINE Article
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