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I would like to briefly comment on an entirely different use for the MeDose vibrating watch.

I am training for the Olympics as a sprinter. To work on having an explosive first step, I do a lot of plyometric or leaping exercises. In order to keep my heart rate from getting too high and to prevent exhaustion, I have always done plyometrics with a repeating timer, usually set to about one and a half minutes - whenever the alarm rings, I would know to do a jump.

One problem I always had was blocking out all of the distractions of the track - people gossiping and yelling, coaches barking out instructions into megaphone, helicopters flying overhead, car alarms buzzing and so on. What I had always wanted to do was wear ear-plugs during my workouts, but of course if I did that, I would then be unable to use my timer watches as I would be unable to hear the timer alarm.

Fortunately, I discovered the MeDose vibrating watch. It has an excellent repeating timer, which when turned to vibrate, allows me to wear two full levels of ear plugs - custom made helicopter pilot ear plug inserts as well as padded ear muffs. What a difference now in my workouts! I am far less stressed out from the myriad of noise distractions and can really zone in on my workout. I have used MeDose vibrating watches for over a year now, and they work wonderfully. In fact I use two watches at the same time, both set at 90 seconds, but one started 15 seconds earlier than the other. The first vibrating alarm alerts me to set for the jump and the second vibrating alarm is the signal to jump. There have been absolutely no technical problems whatsoever despite some really punishing workouts - in terms of jarring motions; the elements (sweat and rain); and heavy usage, as the workouts often last 5 hours.

Unlike other vibrating watches on the market, the MeDose timer rings for only 5 seconds and then stops. Competing brands of vibrating watches have timers that continue ringing for 20 seconds or even longer, thus necessitating a hand motion to turn it off, something that becomes increasingly tiresome over the course of a 5 hour workout and which basically renders them unusable for my purposes.

In closing, what's to say that the MeDose watch is a wonderfully constructed piece of machinery from top to bottom and has provided me with great peace of mind in what are often very stressful and tiresome workouts. I shudder to think where I would be without the MeDose watch.

Ross Manus
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