Gift Ideas: Give a Gift of Love to the Elderly

Gift Ideas: Give a Gift of Love to the Elderly
By Glenda Squyres

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With Christmas right around the corner, selecting the perfect gift for seniors can be challenging. You might want to search for gifts that will enhance their life, as well as show how much you care.

For most seniors, maintaining independence is very important to them, but many seniors have difficulty remembering to take medication at a specified time. Here are a few gift ideas that will better help them manage that on their own.

Pillboxes with Alarms: These pillboxes will alert seniors when it is time for medication up to four times per day. They range from a one-day capacity up to a 30-day capacity.

Automatic Pill Dispensers with Alerts: These dispensers will not dispense the medications until it is time. This prevents the possibility of overdose. Some even have a locking feature that requires the use of a key.

Medication Reminder Alarm Watch and Medical Identification/ Information: These watches can be programmed to alert the wearer when it is time for medication. Some also have a display reading that will flash what medications are due at that time. Some can be programmed to store personal information, as well as important medical information. Another great feature is a vibration alert for those who may experience hearing difficulties.

For more information about these and other products that help make the lives of seniors easier, please visit e-pill Medication Reminders at or call (800) 549-0095.
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