Press Release: PuffMinder Inhaler Devices achieve better patient compliance 090812

Press Release: PuffMinder Inhaler Devices achieve better patient compliance 090812
300,000 Deaths Each Year due to Medication Non-Compliance. PuffMinder Inhaler Devices may help.

Wellesley, MA, USA | Press Release: PDF Format

300,000 deaths annually resulting from non-compliance. Hospital costs (including emergency room visits) due to patient non-compliance with medication regimens are estimated at $8.5 billion annually. Medication non-compliance is becoming one of the most expensive and deadly problems in healthcare. Healthcare professionals are left searching for new ways to fight this avoidable issue.

Boston based e-pill, LLC. (e-pill Medication Reminders has developed a line of “smart” inhaler devices. These medication timers and alarms for inhaled MDI / DPI medications are designed to directly address medication compliance issues and provide peace of mind to anyone living with or caring for a patient (including parents) with Asthma /COPD.

PuffMinder® reminds and can report medication non-compliance, ensuring that a patient takes the proper inhaler medications at the proper time. “Patients are not receiving the full benefit of their inhaler (a.k.a puffer) medications,” said Stefan Solvell, e-pill, LLC President and Manager. “As a result, people are being hospitalized and even dying unnecessarily. We developed PuffMinder to make it easier for people to take their medications by inhaler as directed and thereby live longer, healthier lives.”

PuffMinder devices (all priced below $40) benefits for both patients and caregivers include:

  • The PuffMinder DOSER device activates both visual and audio alarms to alert the patient.
  • The PuffMinder MEDREADY device carries the rescue medications and makes it easy to find in an emergency or when a patient needs to leave the house.
  • The PuffMinder POCKET device reminds by vibration or sound (or both) when it is time for Asthma COPD Medications.
  • The PuffMinder CADEX device reminds by alarm and text message when it is time for maintenance Asthma COPD Medications and will keep on reminding the patient (‘medical snooze’) until all medications including orals solids (“pills”) have been taken. The PuffMinder CADEX also acts as a medical alert “away from home” in an emergency.

    “PuffMinder” is a toolbox that should be utilized by anyone trying to manage an Asthma / COPD medication regimen,” said Stefan Solvell. “It is vital that anyone needing inhaler medications take them properly. PuffMinder will help increase medication compliance and, as a result, improve and save many lives.” For more information on PuffMinder, go to

    About e-pill Medication Reminders (e-pill, LLC)

    Boston based med-tech company e-pill, LLC has been in business since 1999. The company provides a full line of medication adherence and patient compliance devices marketed under the e-pillÒ and PuffMinderÒ brands. As the leading provider of medication reminders, the company markets it’s medical devices “patient direct” and to “institutions” (Hospitals, HMOs, Pharmaceutical Companies and Insurance Companies) throughout North America and Europe.

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    For more information, contact e-pill Medication Reminders (e-pill, LLC

    Stefan Solvell, 781-239-8255

    PuffMinder®, e-pill®, ePill®, HUProtector® and CADEX® are registered trademarks
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