Reduce Rehospitalizations due to Medication Non-Adherence

Reduce Rehospitalizations due to Medication Non-Adherence
Home health intervention with medication management can reduce hospital readmissions by as much as 8%, according to a joint study from national home healthcare provider Amedisys and Purdue University.

Non-Adherence is the major controllable cause of preventable rehospitalizations.

The study reveals that a patient population utilizing medication intervention post-discharge had a 4% hospital admission rate, compared to 12% admission rate for those in the control group. Of the 895 total patients included in the survey, each was taking at least 12 or more medications.

The findings suggest a correlation between the total number of medications an individual is taking and the possible risk of re-hospitalization that might occur.

  • On discharge, the staff members print the most recent medication list from the electronic health record and then indicate next to each medication whether it is to be stopped or continued.
  • Provide an e-pill MD1 automatic pill dispenser - demonstrated annual savings cost savings in clinical study = payback time less than 1 month.
  • Instructions for how medications should be taken must be clearly stated. Instruction manuals must be easy to understand.
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