Addiction Recovery / Drug Rehab

Welcome to e-pill Medication Reminders, provider of Addiction Recovery Products / Medication Adherence E-Pill® Devices. We have over 20 years of experience providing Automatic Pill Dispensers, Pill Boxes, and Safe Pill Storage Products directly to patients, caregivers, institutions and clinics.

Our medical devices can be used at home, work, long and short-term drug rehabilitation programs, outpatient care and relapse prevention, residential treatment, and other types of substance abuse treatment programs (Opioid Addiction Treatment). We provide secure and simple medication storage solutions for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services:

  • Pain Medications PRN / taken as needed
  • Prescription Medications / Rx Medicines taken as scheduled
  • Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs
  • Methadone Treatment
  • Buprenorphine (Bup / Suboxone) Treatment
  • Anti-Psychotics
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Injectables
  • Inhalers
Overcoming substance abuse disorder is an immense challenge that requires a comprehensive treatment approach combining behavioral therapy, counseling, and often medication-assisted treatment. For those prescribed medications as part of their recovery plan, taking them consistently as directed is crucial for managing cravings, avoiding relapse, and supporting long-term sobriety.

e-pill offers a range of locked, tamper-resistant automatic pill dispensers designed to ensure medications are taken exactly as prescribed. The timed dispensers allow only the prescribed dose to be accessed at the right time intervals. This can take the stress off having to constantly remember to take medications while also preventing accidental overdosing.

Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser:

With its intelligent dispensing capabilities combined with robust security features, the e-pill Med-O-Wheel SAFE takes medication management responsibilities off the shoulders of those in the vulnerable stages of narcotic addiction recovery.

Help those taking Pain Pills Take Control of their Habits or Patients in Opioid Substitution Treatment Programs (non observed treatment for opioid addiction) to Take the Right Dose at the Right Time.

Prevent Double Dosing of Medication and to help patients Remember to Take Pills on Time.

Prevent Children and Young Adults from Accessing Prescription Medications.

We purchased your double lock e-pill machine for our 75-year-old mother who is addicted to opioids for chronic pain. It saved our family. She no longer has high anxiety of running out of her pills or watching the clock to take her next pill. Thank you so much. She has lived a normal life for the past three months and so have we!

e-pill also provides Resources and Information about Addiction Recovery including articles, forums, publications, support groups, treatment center locators, and podcasts.
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