Medical Alarm PRESS RELEASE: No Monthly Fee personal emergency medical alarm

Medical Alarm PRESS RELEASE: No Monthly Fee personal emergency medical alarm
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NEWS RELEASE Contact: Stefan Solvell 1-800-930-9255

“No Monthly Fee personal emergency medical alarm only $239.”

Wellesley, MA --e-pill, LLC the leading provider of medication reminder products in the US (, has recently added a medical alarm with no monthly fees to its HIProtector fall prevention product line.

“The HIProtector Medical Alarm is an economical device that addresses important issues facing families trying to allow an aging baby boomer to continue to live independently at home”, said Stefan Solvell, President of e-pill, "with no monthly fees ever".

Regardless of the unwanted event at home - accident, stroke, heart attack, or other medical emergency ... e-pill Help-At-Hand calls your caregiver (daughter or son or other selected individual) and informs them of the emergency. Use your cellular phone ("cell phone") or regular phone to monitor the patient.

Works with all brands of phones and cell-phones: Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Verizon wireless, Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, Samsung, LG.

e-pill PERS Model 911 comes complete with TWO Personal Help Buttons (pendants) - HIS and HERS (first Bed-Room, second Around the Neck for Day Time use) - Works All Around the House! ONLY $239.00 with no monthly fees ever.

This unit is an ideal gift for the holidays and is available on-line ( or by calling toll-free 1-800-930-9255.

The award winning e-pill product line includes pill organizers & automatic pill dispensers, electronic medicine reminders, pill boxes, pill timers, multi-alarms, vibrating watches with many daily alarms, and medication adherence recorders.
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