Automatic Pill Dispensers from leading supplier e-pill Medication Reminders

Automatic Pill Dispenser (Automatic Medication Dispenser) is a device which releases medication at specified time. In simple language, a medical device gives a signal when the time comes to take the medicine.

VIDEO: Automatic Pill Dispenser How-It-Works

The purpose of an Automatic Pill Dispenser is to help senior citizens or people who suffer from impaired ability to adhere to their prescribed medication regime or for patients that try to self-medicate. The device automatically releases the pre-measured dose into a small compartment that is easily opened and sounds a loud signal that it is time to take the medication (e-pill MedTime STATION). If the patient would not be able to take the medication out of the dispenser door, the medication dispenser may send a signal (e-pill MedSmart PLUS) to a monitoring station which can contact the patient or family who can address the situation.

Pill Box - Classic

A classic pill box / medication dispenser allow a patient to know whether or not they have taken a particular dose of their medication, if a medicine still remains in its compartment, it is apparent that it has not yet been taken, whereas if it is missing, it has already been taken. Medication dispenser often have various feature to make them easier for special needs patients to use, such as color-coding, braille for the blind or a locking mechanism to prevent double dosing.

Automatic Pill Dispenser - Benefits & Usage

Automatic Medication Dispensers are useful for all types of patients including the elderly, or those who have memory deficiencies, and those taking multiple medications. They are useful as an aid in remembering to take proper doses of medications thereby complying with doctor recommended dose.

Automated dispensing machines provide secure medication storage in the patient's home or on a care-unit floor. Tamper-proof automatic pill dispensers may also be used for tracking controlled drugs (e-pill MedTime SAFE).

Tamper-Proof medication dispensers save nursing time by eliminating the need for random verification of doses taken and manual end-of-shift controlled drug counts. For example can be used to administer drugs such as Methadone and Suboxone / Buprenorphine. Automated dispensing machines enhance first-dose availability and facilitate the timely administration of medications by increasing their accessibility on patient care units. This benefit is particularly important in emergency departments and intensive care units, where most hospitals still use a floor stock system because of frequent dose changes and need for immediate access.

Medication Dispenser - Developments

There has been increasing pressure on healthcare providers and pharmacists to reduce medication errors (improve medication adherence / reduce medication non-adherence). Deploying more effective technologies such as automated medication dispensers ensures error-free dispensing of medication as well as patient’s safety. With the rising number of patients, medication distribution has also become more complex and difficult and only automatic medication dispenser systems would be able to resolve the medication distribution problem.
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