e-pill MedTime STATION Introduction Video

e-pill MedTime STATION Introduction Video

Locked Pill Dispenser Video

Today, we'll show you the e-pill MedTime STATION (SKU 996024 / UPC 837066002415 / US Patent 9,198,834 & 9,539,177) by e-pill Medication Reminders, the leading provider of devices that improve medication adherence. | ORDER

The e-pill MedTime STATION is a locked automatic pill dispenser (electronic medication dispenser / medical dispenser / med box / pill box / EMD) that provides the right meds with the right doses at the right time - every day.
NO Monthly FEES

The e-pill MedTime STATION is easy to use and set up. It is also easy for a caregiver to fill and schedule the dosages.

The e-pill MedTime STATION is shown, sounding the alarm and zoom in on flashing signal light.

For the patient it is easy to hear alarm melody and see the flashing light (serves as a reliable reminder to take medications). You can choose from different alarm sounds to customize your pill machine.

If the patient forgets whether they have already taken their meds, they can always check by pulling the blue handle. Medications can only be dispensed once, so patients cannot double dose.

The e-pill MedTime STATION consists of three (3) main parts:

  • Electronic e-pill Medicine Dispenser
  • Tipping Device
  • Medicine Cup

  • Never forget to take your medications again: All controls for this medication adherence system are conveniently hidden inside the locked pill dispenser.

    Removal mechanism of meds is being showcased. | Learn more

    Pills that were not taken in the morning by the time the evening medication is dispensed will be removed from the pill dispenser to prevent double-dosing. This e-pill automatic pill dispenser will rotate the pills away if they have not been taken before the next alarm time, preventing medication errors.

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