Medication Dispenser Offers Peace of Mind and Much More

Philips MD2 is Perfect for Alzheimer's Patients:

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HEALTH and WELLNESS (patient shown is not related to this blog/article but shows an actual patient with her e-pill Automatic Medication Dispenser)

Philips MD2 is Perfect for Alzheimer's Patients. We have adjusted many things so that Mom can remain in her house as long as possible. She has Alzheimer's disease. The most effective and most beneficial is the Philips MD2 medication dispenser that we use. This machine has made it almost impossible for her to miss a dose of medicine or take her medicine twice. Before we had this machine, she would have frequent setbacks and issues because with her Alzheimer's diagnosis she was not able to take her medicine properly every day.

How it works

This Philips MD2 machine connects to the phone line and a power outlet. It has backup batteries. The medicine is loaded into the machine monthly; she takes medicine in the morning and evening. After establishing a dosage schedule and faxing it to the company, they (the company) dialed in and programmed it. Now, every morning and every evening my mother hears the machine say "It is time to take your medicine and check your blood sugar." She then presses the dispense button and the medicine is dispensed from the machine. This has ensured that she is getting her medicine, and she isn't taking it twice. If she does not dispense the medicine within an hour, the machine starts calling the phone chain and alerts us that "The patient has not taken her medicine." If there is a power outage, the machine calls the phone chain to alert us that there has been a power outage at the patient's home. The machine converts over to the backup battery so that all of the programming isn't lost. The machine is locked so she can't get into it and change the settings or get to the medicine inside. If she becomes confused about when or if she took her medicine, she calls someone, she doesn't reach for more.

The Cost

The cost for this Philips MD2 machine was under $900.00. Although that seems like a lot of money, it has been worth it. My Mom has been using this machine with no problems for several years. We have adjusted the schedule a couple of times, to better meet her needs but other than that, once the machine is set up it works like a dream. There is no monthly fee for the medication dispenser to operate. The machine uses small medicine cups and lids that the medicine is loaded and dispensed in, we re-use those cups and lids month after month.

Peace of Mind

The Philips MD2 machine also offers reassurance because if my Mom doesn't press the button to dispense the medicine within the hour, the machine starts calling those we have listed on the phone chain. We now know in an hour that Mom has not responded to her medication dispenser and can start checking it out. Usually this is resolved with a phone call to find that she slept in, or was having coffee outside. But there have been a few times that I have jumped up and driven to her house to make sure she was OK. As terrifying as that drive is, I am always thankful to know as soon as possible that there might be a problem.

The Philips MD2 has been very beneficial for our family. Even with my Mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis she has been able to live at home, alone for many additional years. This would have not been possible without the Philips MD2 medication dispenser. This machine has insured that she gets the proper dose of medicine, at the proper time and if for some reason she is unresponsive, her family knows right away.
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