Password Watch / CADEX Password Protector

Password Watch / CADEX Password Protector
Passwords. Some customers use the e-pill CADEX to store computer passwords.

Computer Passwords on your Wrist

Each DataBank element stores up 36 characters remembering even long passwords. Stores your passwords, tells time and date, 12 daily (auto repeating with master switch) alarms:

Password is a form of secret authentication data
that is used to control access to a resource.

With the e-pill CADEX your important passwords are always with on your wrist.

'OPEN' Password:
  • Press ALERT on your e-pill CADEX
  • Scroll - Tap ALERT - Each section contains a new password.

    Improve Security:
    Never use the Same Password or A Simple Password to Remember again!

    'HIDDEN' (Top Secret) Password. Hidden password (CARD#) can only be reached by:
  • Tap MODE until you reach DATA BANK
  • Tap REVERSE to show your hidden (top secret) password. Please note that the 'HIDDEN' (top secret) password will not be shown by TAPPING the ALERT button.

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