Nana Technology 2.0 Business

Nana Technology 2.0 Business
Business 2.0 Nana Technology: Baby Boomer

Geared to the Geezers:
A Booming Market
1 in 5 AMERICANS will be 65 or older by 2030, up from 12 percent today.

Where can you find upside in the mature High-Tech business? Selling gadgets designed for seniors:

Business 2.0 - NANA TECHNOLOGY - Phuong Ly

Many companies tout their technology as a way for Grandma to keep living her life even as she becomes forgetful. E-pill, based outside Boston, sells electronic medication reminders disguised in wristwatches and pagers. Some of the most popular items are watches with six or 12 vibrating alarms and an alert button that will display the wearer’s name, medical information, and emergency contacts.

For customers who are less active, there’s the MD.2 dispenser, which works like a gumball machine. Pills roll out in cups at preprogrammed times, and if they aren’t taken within a certain period, the $900 machine will call the patient’s son, daughter, or other caregiver. E-pill founder and president Stefan Solvell says the small company began selling in 1999 and has been profitable since 2001.

Geared to the Geezers

E-PILL (e-pill Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser) Like a gumball machine on a timer, it dispenses pills and calls for help if the patient doesn’t take them.

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