Med-Time XL Technical Specifications (e-pill Automatic Dispenser)

Med-Time XL Technical Specifications (e-pill Automatic Dispenser)
Technical Description - MD1 e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser
(SKU 991019 / Med-time 651 / Part No 1044 / MedTime Mk3 / UPC 837066000237)

MD1 (Medication Dispenser 1): The e-pill Med-Time XL (991019 651) is a computerized automatic medical dispenser, containing 28 compartments. At preprogrammed times, one to 28 times a day, the dispenser rotates and the next compartment becomes available through an aparture in the lid and the preprogrammed alarm signal is sounding.

The signal sounds for 15 sec., is quiet for 15 sec. sounds for 15 sec. etc for up to 60 minutes (1 hour) if the Med-Time XL is not turned upside down. The medicine is taken by turning the Med-Time XL upside down. The alarm signal is then automatically turned off.

Dispensed drugs last for at one week at 4 times a day and maximum for 28 days (once a day). You may set more that one alarm at one specific time to extend the pill capacity.

Loading Med-Time XL
Loading medicine into the 28 compartments and monitoring the Med-Time XL function is rendered easier by the information discs (dosing templates) which can be fastened on the top of the dispenser.

Setting Clock and Alarm Times
Setting and checking clock and alarm times is easily executed using the three buttons inside the locked cover.

12/24-hour time-periods
There is a 24 hour preset display. Transferring to a 12 hour display is carried out by using the buttons.

An alarm signal is activated if any fault should arise which affects the rotation of the dispenser. The alarm continues until the batteries are removed.

Diagnostic Testing
The Med-Time XL has two built-in test functions. Press and hold button 3 for 1 minute than scroll with button 1 until you reach TEST. Press 3 (regular) or Press 2 (early dose test) to start the diagnostic test (see Manual).

Three different alarm signals are possible. Furthermore it is possible to operate in the signal-off mode ("silent alarm").

The Med-Time XL is equipped with a lock which further reduces the risk of exceeding stipulated dosage.

Early Dose The Med-Time XL can be set to allow access to meds before the scheduled alarm time. You may set the Early Dose window for up to 30 minutes before the scheduled medication time. You can turn off this feature from Menu B.

Batteries shall be changed when the indicator lights up. At normal usage the batteries last for 12 months.

Four (4) AA (alkaline) batteries should be used. Time, alarm times, selected alarm signal etc. remain set even after battery change. Normal battery life is 12 months. A low battery indicator comes on 3 months before it is time to change batteries.

Technical data

Weight with batteries:
Medication compartment size:
Width: 7 1/2 " (190 mm) , Height: 2 1/4 " (56 mm)
17 oz (480 g)
1/2 fl oz (15 ml) equal to 15 standard Bayer® Aspirins

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