e-pill MedTime XL /Pharmacell EU Medical Device Registration

e-pill MedTime XL /Pharmacell EU Medical Device Registration
The e-pill MedTime XL (e-pill MD1 / Careousel Mk3 / SKU 991019) now has an EU medical device approval.

The Swedish manufacturer of the e-pill MedTime XL (e-pill MD1), Pharmacell AB, (marketed in Sweden as the Careousel) has obtained registration from Lakemedelsverket, the Medical Products Agency which is the Swedish National Authority responsible for regulation and surveillance of the development, manufacturing and marketing of drugs and other medicinal products.

This medical device registration is valid throughout the EU (European Union).

e-pill Automatic Pill Dispensers are widely used throughout the USA (and Canada) as a component of a care package for vulnerable patients who have difficulty managing their own medications.

Automatic Pill Dispensers have been shown to have a significant impact upon medication compliance and safety for vulnerable adults, reducing medication prompting visits, emergency room visits, and hospital (re-) admissions.

Although these devices are aimed at people with poor memory such as those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, it also benefits patients with Parkinson’s, mental health issues, learning difficulties, patients with long term conditions with a daily pill schedule, and the visually impaired / blind.

We hope that this EU approval will make a pharmacist more willing to fill an e-pill automatic pill dispenser if there is no family member available.

SKU 991019 / UPC 837066000237 / ASIN B00020BK9S
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