Alarm watch can help and even possibly save a life (

Alarm watch can help and even possibly save a life (
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    With all the distractions in a kid’s daily life it can be very easy for them to forget to take their important medications and there’s not always going to be a parent around to remind them it’s time. The e-pill® 6 Alarm Vibrating PEDIATRIC Watch with Count-down Timer can help and even possibly save a life.

    The watch has a velcro band and colorful styling that looks just like a regular watch. It has six alarms for medication reminding that can be set to either sound or vibrate. The vibrating feature is good for kids in school because it’s discrete and won’t disrupt the class with an audible alarm. It has a very useful countdown timer so kids can see how much time there is before the alarm goes off.

    The easy to read display has 1/4" tall digits and a backlit display. The watch is waterproof. Also great for adult and teenage sufferers of ADHD and ADD to remind them to keep on task.

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