Medication Dispensing Solution shows high rate of medication adherence in clinical study

Automated medication dispensing solution (Automatic Pill Dispenser), shows high rates of medication adherence and potential to reduce cost of care.

Patients rely on their medications to keep them healthy, but complex medication schedules can lead to mistakes: missing doses, taking incorrect amounts, or taking medicines at the wrong time. The quantitative retrospective analysis of Medido service data (device provided by Philips Lifeline) shows that 96% of patients who used the Medido medication dispensing unit were adherent to their medication schedule. In addition, the analysis indicates that patients remained adherent to long-term therapy, including when medication requirements became more complex or the number of medication intake moments per day increased.

Learn More: White Paper by Philips Lifeline

White Paper published by Philips Lifeline. Medido is a registered trademark of Innospense Capital. Philips and Philips Lifeline are registered trademarks of KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS. Medication "Adherence" and "Compliance" was was defined as follows: “Compliance” is defined by measuring that Medido dispensed all pills within 75 minutes of time prescribed by Physician. Dispensing measured that the Medido logged a pill pouch as dispensed; no interviews were conducted with patients to ask whether any or all pills were ingested; it was assumed that all pills in the pouch dispensed were promptly and fully ingested. “Adherence” is defined as the number of pills absent in a given time period (“X”), divided by the number of pills prescribed by the physician in that same time period, is greater than 80% .
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