MedClock Parkinson's Care

MedClock Parkinson's Care

Choose the right e-pill® Alarm Watch, Pill Box, Pill Dispenser, Countdown Timer or Automatic Pill Dispenser

Hard to find reminder devices for Parkinsons' patients needing to take medications multiple times per day (
Largest selection of medical reminders for better Parkinson's care. FREE Standard SHIPPING. FREE Gift with Every Order.

Parkinson's Medication Reminders for PD Patients and Parkinsons Caregivers.

Parkinson's Medication Alarm and Pill Timers include; Pillboxes (five times a day pill box or more), Alarm Watches, Vibrating Alarm Watch and Medicine Watches with Alarms starting. All our Pill timers include FREE Standrd SHIPPING. Improve your Quality of Life by Taking your Parkinson's Medications ('Parkinsons Pills') on Time and in the Correct Dose.

We are here to help every Parkinson patient. Our medication adherence devices are manufactured by e-pill® Medication Reminders. We offer FREE Standard Shipping in the US regardless of order size and we ship worldwide.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I ordered the multi-easy-to-program medication reminder earlier in the year and it works wonderful for him [father]! Just to share our experience my dad has had Parkinson for 16 years and his medication has increased over the years; he was having difficulty remembering all the medication however since purchasing your product he hasn’t missed a pill in months! Because of your products our family life as become simplified. We are truly thankful. T.C. Ashland, MA.

For the customer who wants the very best - e-pill MedSmart PLUS is #1......Compare Automatic Medication Dispensers

My name is Andrew T., and your watch contributed quite a bit to my recovery from a mental illness. The alarms I entered were not for medication, but for routine. When I was on disability and unwell, my life and schedule were a chaotic mess. My parents purchased the watch for me as sort of a shot in the dark kind of thing. The first alarm I added was a reminder to go to bed at a regular time (after all, if you go to bed at 5am, no way you’re getting up for a 9am doctor’s appointment, and if you’re sleeping weird hours, good luck getting on any sort of medication routine). Then I started plugging in reminders for mealtimes, for checking the mail, and other daily tasks.

Your watch, and the nature of the alarms on it (the fact that it comes back to poke you until you turn it off a second time) helped me rebuild a sense of order in my life. As I’ve traveled along my recovery journey, the alarms have changed somewhat, but the watch remains a solid part of what helps me maintain the routine and order I need in my life. There are a lot of things that contributed to my recovery, but your watch was a solid piece of the puzzle. Thanks in part to you, after a decade of living on disability I have maintained full time employment for over six years, and I am happily married with a 3 year old child and another on the way.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. FREE Standard Shipping & Handling. Award Winning Customer Service.
A company called e-pill, LLC worked with Parkinson’s patients to develop two other pill-reminder devices that caught my eye. These are the Eight-Alarm Vibration or Sound Medication Reminder Watch and the Multi-Alarm PLUS Pill Box Timer. View their range of devices at The six-alarm vibrating watch, which is disguised as a handsome sports-watch, discreetly allows you to be out and about, and reminds you that it is time for your medications. The alarm can be set to either vibrate or to produce a sound.

Our Multi-Alarm Pill Box Timer, tested by a panel of Parkinson’s patients, has a built-in pillbox and has switches that slide when programming it. These switches slide making it easier to program than using the buttons found on other models. Up to thirty-seven reminders can be programmed. Parkinson's Disease Foundation.
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