MediShot 2 Times a Day x 7 Day Pill<br>Supplement Powder Organizer

MediShot 2 Times a Day x 7 Day Pill
Supplement Powder Organizer

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Organize All Your Pills & Supplement Powder in Seconds

e-pill MediShot 2x Daily Pill and Supplement Powder Organizer – An ideal solution to store your medications, supplement powder, or vitamins. This versatile organizer caters to individuals with a two-dose per day medication or supplement regimen. Includes seven (7) pillboxes, each with two (2) dose compartments per day. Large daily two doses per day pill box labeled 1 & 2. Each dose (pill compartment) holds 28 aspirin-sized pills. Never forget to take your medications or supplements!

Key Features
Effortless & Hygienic Dispensing: The angled design facilitates the easy pouring of pills or supplement powders directly into the mouth or water bottle, preventing any contact with your hands and avoiding potential contamination from dirty surfaces. Perfect for a Twice-Daily Dosage.

Easy to Use and Arthritis-Friendly: Our MediZip pill box streamlines the process of dispensing medication or supplement powder. You can pour them into your mouth or a water bottle, eliminating the need to handle the pills or supplement powder manually. This feature makes it especially well-suited for individuals dealing with arthritis.

Simple Refilling: Filling the organizer is a breeze, allowing for quick and convenient medication and supplement powder organization.

Perfect for Travel and On-the-Go Convenience: This slim, lightweight pill organizer is portable and fits into pockets.
Customer Reviews

Daily Pillbox Size: 2.3 inch x 2.42 inch x 0.79 inch
Storage Case Size: 6.1 inch x 3.15 inch x 2.52 inch
Total Weight: 7.2 ounces
Pill Capacity: 28 Aspirin sized tablets per compartment
Color: Multi-Color Pillboxes with Clear Storage Case
SKU 820248
UPC 837066001081
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Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC | One (1) Year Warranty | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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