What is the MD.2 Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser (Medication Dispensing System?

The MD.2 Automated Monitored Medication Dispensing System, or MD.2 for short, is an easy-to-use medication management device for individuals who have trouble remembering, organizing and taking their medications. This fully integrated system simplifies medication organization and delivery, reminds individuals to dispense and take their medications on schedule, and monitors patient compliance.

MD.2 is a home-based system (also used by assisted living facilities & nursing homes) that will help dispense any oral medication plus give verbal and text reminders for non-oral medications or specific medication directions (i.e. "take with food").

How does MD.2 from e-pill work?

At individualy designated times, a reassuring voice, a flashing light and text message will alert the individual that it is time for their medication. The individual simply presses the large exterior button and an easy-to-open, reusable cup containing the medications is dispensed. Watch a Short MD.2 Video.

Medications never touch the dispensing unit thereby preventing potential contamination. Instructions, such as "Take with water" can be announced when the button is pressed. That's it!

MD.2 will then tell the individual when their next dose is on the easy-to-read LCD screen.

Who should use MD.2?

MD.2 is designed to fill the "gap" between little or no medication assistance and full time medication management. MD.2 works well for individuals who have trouble with forgetfulness, taking too much or too little medication, the wrong medication, or wrong day's medications. It is ideal for patients suffering from mild to moderate dementia (Alzheimer's, psychiatric conditions) or dexterity issues (tremors, severe arthritis), as well as patients with complicated medications schedules, such as congestive heart failure.

How will MD.2 help individuals and caregivers?

Medications and supplements help all of us get well and stay healthy. But trying to remember what pills to take when, unscrewing then recapping medication vials, counting out small pills, and opening tiny pillboxes is a struggle for many people. Unfortunately, missing just a few doses of medication, or taking too many or too few pills, can result in worsening of an illness or even hospitalization.

With the help of MD.2, individuals can KEEP their current lifestyle, MAINTAIN their independence and STAY in their residence.

Customer comments: "I don't have to worry about my medications anymore."

Caregivers benefit in several ways.
  • MD.2 provides peace-of-mind via a built-in monitoring system and a locked medication cabinet
  • MD.2 will reduce the time caregivers spend organizing and managing medications turning "have to" trips into "want to" trips.
  • MD.2 reduces the stress of the medication system and schedule "chaos" by making it easier to organize, remind and dispense your loved one's medications.

    Is MD.2 easy to use?

    Absolutely. Advanced, one button design, multiple audible, visual and text reminders, and easy-to-open medicine dispensing cups (even with arthritis) make MD.2 easy to use and operate for any individual capable of self-medicating.

    How does the monitoring service work?

    Using the individual's phone line, MD.2 will automatically call up to four (4) caregivers in sequence alerting the caregivers that the user has missed a dose. Any caregiver reached must acknowledge they received the call by pressing "1" on the phone (eliminating answering machines that have been reached). If all caregivers fail to respond to the message, the call center is alerted.

    MD.2 does NOT need a special or separate phone line for this monitoring service and ONLY utilizes the phone line when action is needed.

    MD.2 will also call the caregivers if it needs to be refilled (1-2 days prior). Nightly, MD.2 will call the Support Center via a toll-free number and perform a series of quality checks. If MD.2 fails to perform a nightly call-in, the Support Center is alerted.

    Who installs and maintains MD.2?

    MD.2 is designed to be easy to install and maintain. If the user is currently receiving help with their medications, the manufacturer recommends that the current caregiver install and maintain MD.2. The unit comes complete with toll-free 24/7 set-up support. Once installed, some individuals may be able to manage and maintain the unit.

    Are the medications and the medication schedule secured?

    Yes. MD.2 has numerous features geared towards medication security. Access to medication cups can be locked (keys are included) ensuring individuals only receive medications when appropriately scheduled. Missed doses are stored away in the machine so that an individual does not take a "double dose." Finally, the medication schedule can only be changed by calling the Support Center.

    What if the user is away from home during dosing periods?

    The flexibility of MD.2 allows users to dispense their medication "early" and not miss a dose. A special button labeled "EARLY DOSE" is located inside the locked side cabinet. After the door is unlocked, the EARLY DOSE button is pressed and the next available dose is dispensed. The EARLY DOSE feature can be utilized for as many dosing periods as needed allowing individuals the flexibility they want.

    Will MD.2 continuously tie up a phone line?

    NO. MD.2 utilizes the individual's existing phone line to make outbound calls. MD.2 only calls out on the phone line when action is needed (i.e. MD.2 needs to be refilled). A separate or special phone line is NOT needed.

    How many days of medications will MD.2 hold?

    It depends on how many dosing periods per day the user needs. MD.2 can dispense up to 6 dosing periods per day and hold up to 60 medication cups. Most people take their medications 2 to 3 times per day. In these cases, MD.2 will hold three to four weeks (20-30 days) of medication.

    Who is a caregiver?

    The caregiver is the person (or persons) that currently helps the user with their medications. The manufacturer recommends that the current caregiver installs and maintains the MD.2.

    What if the power goes out?

    MD.2 comes with a battery backup that will provide alternative power for up to 18 hours.

    Does MD.2 have special features to help the elderly and disabled?

    Yes. To help the visually impaired, reminders are both audible (spoken words and tones) and visual (a flashing red strobe light). The large dispensing button is significantly raised and is easy to identify by touch alone. Additionally, the button is red, the color most easily seen by elderly with cataracts. For the hearing impaired, reminders are in text and visual (flashing red strobe light) and audible volumes can be adjusted. The medication cups are large with easy-to-open lids (even with arthritis). The buttons have a very low push "threshold" making them easy for the elderly to engage.

    How much does MD.2 cost?

    MD.2 is available only for rent. Please contact Phillips for more information.

    It is also a great value considering the alternatives. Medicare does not cover medication management and private pay home health for this service can run from $100-$200 or more per month depending on the frequency of visits. If the individual has to move to a higher level of care, such as assisted living or nursing homes, average costs range from $2,500 per month (assisted living) to $4,000 per month (nursing home). Finally, poor medication management can often lead to hospitalization where just a three day stay will cost the Medicare patient $200-$400.

    What is epill?

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