MD.2 Customer Testimonials: e-pill Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser

MD.2 Testimonials Customer

What our customers say about the e-pill MD.2 Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser. This popular e-pill Medication Reminder is rated amoing the best e-pills. The e-pill MD.2 is sold by and they rate it 5 stars out of five stars.

Below are a few MD.2 (e-pill Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser) customer testimonials:

MD.2 Phenomenal Helper

We bought this for an elderly parent who had trouble taking medication without reminders. We set this MD.2 machine up carefully and monitored her use of it -- she's had no trouble adapting to it, and she actually enjoys interacting with it. This saved us an uncalculated amount of anxiety, and she gets her medications on time, in easy-to-use little cups. Brilliant! S.D. Bay Area CA

It virtually is enabling my father to remain in his home and continue to lead a fairly independent life

I hope that this message is getting to the right person/area. I personally want to thank the Phillips company for making the automated medication dispenser available. It virtually is enabling my father to remain in his home and continue to lead a fairly independent life. He is 95 years old and very young for his age. He has been widowed for 5 years but remains living in his suburban home and virtually caring for himself and his surroundings. He is required to take medications twice daily - blood thinners, heart medication, blood pressure meds, etc. Lately, and on occasion, he has had some challenges with his short-term memory. Unfortunately this resulted in him having to be hospitalized as he had gotten his medications all out of whack and became seriously ill. We were extremely concerned and really thought that he would have to move into a more controlled environment in order to ensure that his medications were managed and administered properly. A nurse coming to the home weekly to set-up his medications in a pill box was no longer working. Of course, this was not something my father wanted as he truly is very capable yet to be on his own, but he also realizes that taking proper medications is not something that one can afford any mistakes.

His doctor recommended your wonderful product - I for one had never heard of anything like it. It is truly wonderful!! My dad loves it and it has given all of us a stronger confidence and easiness in the fact that his medications are once again fully under control. Not only is the timed dispensing of exactly what the patient is required to take a wonderful feature, but the alert call when pills are not dispensed within a specified time period is truly a blessing and a wonderful safety back-up feature.

Again, I don't know if this message is getting to the public relations area or where it is going exactly, but please pass on my 'thank you' and compliments to everyone involved in the development and distribution of this wonderful product. I see that you are on backorder of this product; my dad too had to wait a bit for his to arrive, and it is no surprise to me as I am sure the word is getting out on this unit and the demand is increasing everyday. Thank you and God Bless!!

Renee Vossen Maple Grove, Minnesota

MD.2 Small Price for Peace of Mind

The e-pill automatic dispenser shipped quickly and set up easily. The call center truly is always available to help you with any questions. It takes a huge load off my mind. My mother now takes her medicines as needed and at the right time. She loves it and recommended the device to her sister and two neighbors. This device has allowed my mom to maintain her independence and stay healthy. At the same time, I am certain she isn't forgetting to take her medicines or accidentally overdosing. This is much, much cheaper than hiring someone to help remind her to take her medications. My friend has purchased the automatic pill dispenser for her dad who suffers from mild confusion. It has been a lifesaver for her as well. This is well worth the money. What else can I say? I highly recommended this product. L.L. Southfield, MI

MD2 is all that the previous reviews touted! So happy!

This thing is great. We bought it in December 2007 because my mom was probably not taking her medications as directed. Just as importantly, though, she was getting very stressed about whether she was taking what she should because she is aware enough to be concerned. Whenever I was visiting, she would occasionally wander over to her pill bottles and start quietly going through them, reading them, worrying to herself. I hated it.

I looked on the internet for an automated dispenser and found this MD2 which not only dispenses on a schedule, but calls out to my mom in a woman's voice at dose time, calls me on the phone(!) if my mom misses a dose (only once so far) or when the machine is running low on meds (every Thursday at 8:05pm), or when the machine is completely empty (8:05pm on Sundays - I am always at my mom's house when this happens ready to refill for the next week). It has been very reliable.

The machine is very easy to use for both the caregiver and for the patient. My mom trusts it and so do I. The first time going to the website to schedule the doses and the first time filling it is a little intimidating but after doing it all once, it is effortless. I go over once a week to refill the machine and it has just worked great! My mom's med schedule doesn't change so I have not had to go back to the website since the first time I set it up. Along with the medicine, I also have little notes that I put in the cup with detailed instructions for my mom. She saves the cups and notes and I just reuse them again and again which makes refilling take about 5 minutes (22 dose cups - 4 on Sundays, 3 every other day).

I highly recommend this machine. Initially I wondered about the price but now that we have bought it, I would do it again in a second ($800 including fast shipping). My mom loves it and regularly brings up how great it is in conversation and thanks me a often for getting it. Aside from actually taking what she should, she does not worry about her meds any more and that is the part I like most. Bob from VA (Northern VA, USA)

MD.2 Life Saver

The e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser is, truly, a life saver! My parents were over and under medicating themselves in spite of my best efforts (daily visits and phone calls). I was at wits' end and seriously contemplating assisted living/nursing home placement for them.The MD2 is easy to use and offers lots of support.Connected to a phone line, it monitors pill distribution (will dial caregiver in the event of missed doses), lets you know when refills are needed, and can be easily reprogrammed as needs arise. Worth every penny and MORE!!! B.M Boston, MA
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