Logos (e-pill & HIProtector)

Logos (e-pill & HIProtector)
Our company, e-pill, LLC legal name / e-pill Medication Reminders is the leading manufacturer of practical patient compliance / medication adherence (to reduce medication non-adherence) products and services.

Our medication reminder (brand name e-pill® logo, and epill®) and hip protector (brand name HIProtector® logo) medical products are sold on world wide by distributors, DME (durable medical equipment) dealers, patient direct via our eight Web sites. | About Us.

Medication Reminders | e-pill, LLC | Hip Protectors

e-pill, LLC
49 Walnut Street, Bldg 4
Wellesley, MA 02481, USA


+1 (781) 239-2941 | 1-800-549-0095 | fax +1 (781) 235-3252
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