Prescription Medicine Bag with<br> Keyed Lock

Prescription Medicine Bag with
Keyed Lock

Item# 860537
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The e-pill Prescription Medicine Bag with Keyed Lock comes with 2 keys.

This system provides a safe and secure way to take and travel with medications, and an excellent solution for medication management.

Store and take your narcotic pain medications, insulin syringes, sleeping pills, rheumatoid cancer treatment medications, anxiety pills, anti-depressants and other prescriptions.

Tear Resistant: Laminated Nylon Construction

Red Canvas Bag with Lock: 9.5 x 12 x 1 in

Weight: 10 Oz.

Made in USA: Manufactured in the Midwest

e-pill Prescription Medication Bag with keyed lock | SKU:860537 | UPC: 837066002743
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