Apple Health Medication Tracker

BOSTON, September 12, 2022 - Apple Inc. is releasing iOS 16 later today. One of their newest features is a medication tracker. This enables patients to set up their medication schedule in the health app. Patients will be able to set reminders, track their medication adherence, and share important information. The app aims to make it easier to manage medications, supplements, and vitamins. Apple health will also warn the user of potential harmful interactions between scheduled medications.

Within the health app, users can add medications with the phone camera by scanning their pill bottle. After scanning, or manually searching for the correct medication, the app begins a questionnaire. The setup begins with entering dosage frequency and time of day. Afterwards, the app will allow you to select the shape and color of the pill, as well as a nickname for it. The setup will end with information about interactions, where the patient can select if they want to see interactions with alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana.

Apple offers the following disclaimer: “It’s helpful to keep in mind that medication tracking, while useful, is only one tool in safely managing your medication schedule. Please consult with your doctor, pharmacist, family members, and any caregivers to create a plan that works best for you.”

Another important tool needed for managing a medication schedule is a pill organizer. People who prefer to use their phone instead of a dedicated medication reminder device will be excited for this app update. Pairing the health app with a matching e-pill pillbox will make taking medications simple and organized. Daily, weekly, and monthly systems are available now. View the helpful e-pill product finder down below to find the right app friendly pillbox for you. Select "a pill container" to be guided to a iPhone compatible pillbox

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