Healthy Travel Gadgets - Genius Gizmos

Healthy Travel Gadgets - Genius Gizmos
Prevention Magazine (June 2008):

A PILL CASE THAT REMINDS YOU if someone in your family is packing meds, help her stay on schedule with e-pill 7-Day Organizer and Reminder, a case that sorts medicine by time and day. It includes an alarm that beeps when a dose is due or missed.

e-pill 7-Day Organizer and Reminder

Now on sale for $59.95 including FREE Shipping
More EASY to SET e-pill Medication Reminders

Program up to 6 daily alerts; they'll reset automatically at midnight ($70;

Prevention Magazine ( / Family Section: 13 genius gizmos that will keep your family happy, healthy, and safe

THERE'S nothing like a vacation to help everyone recharge ... Read the full story in Prevention Magazine or click here to download: PDF or click below.

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