Battery replacement e-pill Medose 8 Alarm Watch

Battery replacement e-pill Medose 8 Alarm Watch
Battery Replacement: Be careful when you open your e-pill MeDose Vibrating 6 Alarm watch to replace the battery (CR 2032).

Two grounding springs are used to ground the circuit board to the metal back (see picture).

1. Remove the four (4) screws that hold the metal back.

2. Make sure the two (2) gold springs remain on the posts.

3. Remove one (1) screw and the battery (CR 2032) can be removed.

4. Replace the battery with a fresh CR 2032.

5. Attach the screw that holds the battery bracket down.

6. Make sure the two (2) springs are on the posts.

7. Attach the four screws that holds the back. Make sure the o-ring is in the correct position before you "cross tighten" the four (4) screws.

8. IMPORTANT: Reset (re-boot) the watch (watch computer) by pressing and holding all four (4) buttons for five (5) seconds. Set time, date and the alarms again.

e-pill MeDose Vibrating Alarm Watch Manual
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