Parent concerns? Distant Care? Remember?

We provide practical reminder devices ("e-pills") to address some of the common problems and complications related to older adults and prescription medications. Patient Compliance Statistics | Get FREE Gift | FREE Shipping

Distant caregiving or worrying about a loved one living independently is a major concern. Making sure that a family member is taking their proper medication on time is only one issue that families and friends face. Does a loved one forget to take their pills? Do they take the wrong pills or perhaps forget if they took their pills?

One of the primary causes of hospitalization and premature institutionalization of older adults is the inappropriate use of prescription medications, drug interactions or failure to properly take the medications.

As people grow older their ability to follow prescription (Rx) and other medication (OTC, supplements) instructions is decreased. | List ALL e-pill devices.

We offer a line of "Age-In Place" products that can help the patient remember to take medications on time. We recommend:

  • Easy to Program Multi Alarm and Pillbox | Without Pillbox
  • Compact 4 Alarm Vibrating Pillbox | Larger Pillbox 7 daily alarms
  • Automatic Medication Dispenser & Reminder
  • Tamper-proof lock Automatic Medication Dispenser
  • Vibrating Watch | Sound + Text Alarm Watch
  • World's Best Pill Organizer with Daily Alarms.

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