Fresh Alarm Press Release: New Alarm Timers Provide Restaurants a Simple Solution to Quality Control Management

Fresh Alarm Press Release: New Alarm Timers Provide Restaurants a Simple Solution to Quality Control Management

New Alarm Timers Provide Restaurants a Simple Solution to Quality Control Management

Now available nationwide for non-franchise restaurants, Fresh Alarms remind employees to perform food quality checks and task reminders

BOSTON, May 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Fresh Alarms, which have been exclusive to fast food industry insiders, are now available nationwide. These programmable timers are a simple yet innovative way for restaurant managers to effectively ensure repeat customers and avoid food safety hazards. Restaurants are able to avoid customer dissatisfaction with inconsistency of food quality and restaurant cleanliness with these helpful reminders. Fresh Alarms provide consistent quality by reminding staff to regularly rotate prepared food, perform food quality checks, maintain restroom cleaning schedules and remind of specific training tasks. Fresh Alarm timers surpass regular kitchen and cooking timers by reminding restaurant staff of various daily reoccurring tasks that can range from cooking to cleaning.

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“Fresh Alarm reminders are made to ensure quality and consistency in restaurants,” says Stefan Solvell, founder and president of Fresh Alarm. Restaurant customers expect consistency in food quality and restaurant experience; Fresh Alarm timers deliver the ability for restaurants to provide consistency in their control processes. “Fresh Alarm began from a demand for a simple to use reminder for food checks.”

Fresh Alarm timers are easy to set and use. They are quality management timers that require minimal training. Fresh Alarms are cost effective and range in price from $50 to $100, as a one time purchase with no monthly fees. The low price point makes them affordable for independent quick serve restaurants and as well as restaurant chains. Make Fresh Alarm the competitive edge for your restaurant and purchase them online at or by calling 1-877-770-5984 today.

The most popular reminder, the FreshAlarm Multi-Alarm (SKU 760125) is an ultra easy to set timer that has up to 37 auto-repeating daily alarms that can be set to go off on the hour and half hour. The Multi-Alarm is used to remind employees to perform “food quality checks”. The FreshAlarm Talking Timer (SKU 435713) is an interval reminder that plays unique messages when a specific task needs to be completed such as “brew coffee”. The FreshAlarm Vibrating Pager (SKU 771085) can be conveniently attached to an employee’s belt. The Vibrating Pager has up to 12 daily auto-repeating alarms and will vibrate or beep when a task, such as “restroom check”, needs to be completed. The FreshAlarm Reminder Watch (SKU 952431) has up to 12 auto-repeating daily alarms and will nag the staff member until the task, such as “freezer temperature check”, is completed.

Fresh Alarm believes that innovation doesn’t have to be technically complicated. We believe that the best products are easy to use and produce immediate results for the restaurant owner.

For more information contact Stefan Solvell at 781-239-2941 or email. Fresh Alarm is a registered trade mark of e-pill, LLC.
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