Droplet Drinking Reminder<br>Cup & Mug Hydration System

Droplet Drinking Reminder
Cup & Mug Hydration System

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The Smart Hydration System that Reminds you to Drink.

This hydration solution includes the light & sound reminder base, one mug, one tumbler, and two flow control lids. e-pill Droplet Smart Cup uses personalized messages and visual prompts to remind the user to drink.

Hydration: Why It's So Important?

Dehydration is a silent killer. Studies show that dehydration can cause falls, and acute kidney injury, increase hospital admissions and even contribute to deaths in elderly patients.

Recommended daily fluid intake for women are 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) and about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) for men.

e-pill Droplet Smart Cup is a hydration solution that encourages people to drink more water. It has been developed to reduce people's risk of dehydration, especially in hospitals, care homes, and at home. Improving hydration helps you have more energy, feel better, avoid infections, and feel more alert. The voice messages in the intelligent base will come on during the reminder time, and if the user does not drink, it will repeat two more times or until the patient drinks. If the user does not take a drink when the voice messages alert them during the preset interval, the blue light on the smart base will continue to glow, letting the caregiver know the patient has not drank for some time.

During the night, the e-pill Droplet Smart Cup will automatically switch to night light mode if it senses darkness for more than 30 seconds. The red light in the base will glow to help the user find their cup at night. The reminder messages and warning lights will switch off, allowing patients to sleep and reactivate only when darkness ends for more than 30 seconds.

Key Features
CLINICALLY PROVEN HYDRATING DRINKING SYSTEM: Comes complete with the smart base, one tumbler ideal for cold drinks, one mug, and one flow control lid for people with tremors or trouble swallowing. The tumbler and mug have discreet measuring lines at 100 ml and 200 ml for recording fluid level intake.

LIGHT & SOUND REMINDER SMART BASE: Audible and visual reminders. Ideal for people who need help keeping hydrated.

TYPE OF REMINDERS: Preset or three personalized messages you can record yourself. A blue visual warning light flashes If the user does not drink within the chosen interval time of either 20, 40, or 60 minutes.

BPA-FREE DURABLE & EASY to CLEAN: The tumbler, mug, and 2 flow control lids are made from Tritan plastic. It's food-safe, BPA-free, scratch, and stain-resistant, and shatterproof. Dishwasher safe.
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Capacity: Mug & Tumbler holds over 300ml of liquid
Scratch, shatter, odor and stain resistant
Color: Navy Blue mug, Aqua tumbler, and two clear control flow lids
SKU 554824
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Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC | One (1) Year Warranty | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Instruction Manual
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