Driving & Aging in Place: When should Dad or Mom stop driving?

Taking Away the Keys: When do you take the keys away from Dad (or Mom)? Learn about this important subject.

When dad should stop driving?

These are important questions to consider (source National Institute on Aging):

1. Is the person a competent driver during the day but incompetent at night?

2. Does the driver have drastically reduced peripheral vision, even if he or she can otherwise see 20/20 with corrective lenses?

3. Does he or she do well driving locally but struggle at higher speeds or when directions are needed?

4. Is the driver hitting curbs, missing turns or putting pedestrians at risk?

5. Has he or she been in an accident that was deemed his or her fault?

6. Do other drivers honk when this person is at the wheel?

7. Does the driver get lost, even on familiar roads?

8. Does the driver say that cars or pedestrians seem to appear out of nowhere?

9. Have family, friends or doctors expressed worries about the person's driving?

10. Is the person driving less because he or she is no longer as confident about driving?
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