Set Daylight Savings Time - Spring Forward

Set Daylight Savings Time - Spring Forward

- You will only need to Change the Time - NOT the Alarms

This is Easy. Find your e-pill Medication Reminder below, click on the link and simply follow the directions:

e-pill Alarm Watches:

  • CADEX 12 Alarm Alarm Watch & Medical Identification Bracelet
  • CADEX 8 Alarm VibraPlus Alarm Watch
  • CADEX V8 8 Alarm Vibrating Alarm Watch
  • MeDose 6 Alarm Vibrating Alarm Watch
  • HAGER 8 Alarm Vibrating Alarm Watch
  • MeDose Parkinson 12 Alarm Vibrating Watch and Interval Timer
  • WatchMinder Large 16 Alarm Alarm Watch | WatchMinder2 Large 30 Alarm Alarm Watch (Vibration Alarm)
  • e-pill Timers & Pill Boxes:

  • Multi Alarm POCKET (up to 6 Daily Alarms) :
  • Multi Alarm (up to 37 Daily Alarms) :
  • Vibrating 4 Alarm POCKET e-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating POCKET Pill Box
  • TimeCap e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap (Pill Bottle Alarm Timer)
  • Timex Medication Manager, Weekly or Daily e-pill Medication Manager
  • VitaCarry/PillCheck e-pill PillCheck Medication Manager
  • MedPort e-pill MEDGlider
  • Reminder Rosie e-pill Reminder Rosie 25 Alarm Clock Reminder Assistant
  • Day Clock e-pill Calendar day Clock
  • Pager e-pill Vibrating 12 Alarm Pager

    e-pill Automatic Pill Dispensers:

  • MedTime STATION / MedTime SAFE e-pill MedTime STATION | e-pill MedTime SAFE
  • Med-Time / Med-Time 651 e-pill Automatic Dispenser | e-pill Med-Time XL
  • MedTime PLUS or MedTime STATION PLUS : MedTime PLUS
  • MedSmart / Model 660 / MedSmart 660 (stand alone): e-pill MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser
  • Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser / Model 660 (monitored = automatic time change): e-pill MedSmart PLUS Automatic Pill Dispenser
  • CompuMed Locked Tamper Resistant Medication Dispenser e-pill CompuMed
  • PMD Philips Medication Dispensing Service (automatic time change)
  • e-pill Alarm Clocks:

  • MedCenter Alarm Clock:
  • Vibrating Alarm Clock ShakeAwake
  • Vibration Alarm Clock Sonic Alert

  • Learn more about the Daylight Saving Time history and facts.

    Click Here FALL BACK for instructions how to return to Standard Time.
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