CAMP Summer Medication Concerns?

CAMP Summer Medication Concerns?
CAMP Medication Concerns - How to make sure your child takes medications correctly at camp.

Children's Summer Camp:
Medication Concerns

Is you child going to Summer Camp? Do you have medication concerns? Are you afraid your child will forget his/her medications? Children & Asthma
Never Forget to Take your Medicines Again! Feel Better! Avoid Medication Errors!

Is your child going to get the right meds at the right time? We offer a large selection of practical and proven patient compliance devices for children (and adults).

My daughter is using this at camp, she likes to wake up early, before everyone else, and they hate being woken up at 5:00. She gets dressed, writes letters, and completes journal entries before 7:15, when everyone else gets up. This is the perfect order, thanks so much! L.H.

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