CADEX® Alarm Watch now by e-pill® Medication Reminders in Boston

e-pill® CADEX® Smartwatch
Medication Reminder 12 Daily Alarm Watch & Medical Alert (ID).

Never forget to take your medications again. The CADEX 12 Alarm Watch Medication Reminder fits right on your wrist.

Wellesley, MA (PRWEB) -- e-pill®, the leading provider of medication reminders, has just released a Medication Reminder that fits right on your wrist. The easy-to-set e-pill CADEX Medication Reminder 12 Alarm Watch with Medical ID ( can alert you to take your medications up to 12 times per day.

The e-pill 12 Alarm CADEX Medication Reminder Wristwatch is an innovative patented device that addresses important issues facing patients and healthcare professionals trying to improve medication compliance, said Stefan Solvell, President of e-pill, Taking the right medications and taking them on time. He goes on to say that, We are proud to announce today that CADEX 12 Alarm Watch has joined the growing e-pill family of products.

In business since 1999, e-pill LLC offers a wide variety of products to meet any medication adherence need, ranging from simple beeper reminders to electronic pillbox organizers to vibrating wristwatches to very sophisticated automatic dispensers. All e-pill products are designed to lead to better medication adherence and patient compliance, a growing challenge in the medical & health fields:

  • 50% of medications are taken incorrectly
  • 33% take all their meds, 33% take some, 33% don't take any (Rx never filled)
  • 23% of nursing home admissions are due to non-compliance

    Effective today, e-pill, LLC has acquired the assets of Cadex Products, Inc. of Ketchum, Idaho. Our company e-pill, LLC will market the Cadex Medication Reminder Wristwatch worldwide.

    This e-pill 12 Alarm CADEX Watch features an easy to set pill timer with up to 12 daily alarms and "medical snooze" feature. The e-pill 12 Alarm CADEX Watch can be ordered on-line ( or by calling toll-free 1-800-549-0095.

    Click here: e-pill CADEX Web page (

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