Press Release: World’s First Clinically Proven Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring Kit for Home use.

Easy-to-Use kit (cuff, cap, card and carrying case $99.95) from Kit has been shown in clinical study to reduce BP significantly more than anti-hypertensive drug(s) alone.

Wellesley, MA

The world’s first clinically proven Blood Pressure Monitoring Kit for Home Use was released for sale today by e-pill Medication Reminders (e-pill, LLC).

This kit has been shown in a clinical study (Journal of Clinical Pharmacology “Impact of an electronic medication compliance aid on long-term blood pressure control”), to significantly reduce blood pressure. The kit achieved clinically significant reductions in both systolic and diastolic pressure beyond what the patient’s anti-hypertensive medication(s) alone could do. Included is a useful card (notebook) to help communicate the BP readings at home to the patient’s doctor.

World’s First Clinically Proven Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring Kit for Home use.

“Now you significantly reduce and maintain your blood pressure with our proven BP monitoring kit for home use,” says Stefan Solvell President of Boston based e-pill Medication Reminders. “E-pill is an expert in medication adherence. We are proud to release an inexpensive way for millions of patients to take control and manage their blood pressure at home. The e-pill BP Monitoring Kit works without the use of computers or the internet.”

The kit (Blood Pressure Monitoring Kit from e-pill Medication Reminders / SKU 583988) contains the clinically proven e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap device. The equipment Cuff, Cap and Card is packaged in a practical carrying case and has an introductory price of $99.95. It is available immediately from or Ask your doctor today about the importance of managing your blood pressure over time. If she/he thinks the BP Monitoring Kit from e-pill Medication Reminders is an appropriate intervention, order the kit today and take advantage of the low introductory price of $99.95 (suggested retail price $139.95) including free shipping.

All e-pill devices are designed to increase medication adherence and patient compliance, a growing challenge in the medical & health fields. In business since 1999, Boston based e-pill Medication Reminder offers a wide variety of electronic devices to allow patients to continue to live independently at home. Products (“e-pills”) range from electronic boxes to very sophisticated locked automatic pill dispensers that will alert a remote caregiver if medications are missed. All e-pill Medication Reminder devices can be ordered on-line from or by calling toll-free 1-800-549-0095. e-pill is a registered trademark.

Link to study abstract:

Contacts: e-pill Medication Reminders Stefan Solvell, 781-239-2941 or 1-800-549-0095 President & Manager e-pill, LLC solvell(at)epill(dot)com
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