Asperger Autism: Customer feed-back Med-Time

Customer feed-back: Asperger Autism

"I wanted to let you know that the Med-Time works PERFECTLY for my Asperger Autism teenage as he lives alone and simply would not remember to take his medication OR his vitamins so I would have to go live with him almost to get his to try to comply and still that did not work until I got Med-Time. He loves gadgets and the computer so I put it right next to his computer and when its alarm goes off he has fun taking his medication or vitamins now and can take pride in his compliance and extra independence! It also worked well for my daughter who also has Aspergers Autism and she would safely take it with her to sleepovers with her teenage friends and they would all think it was so cool looking so the design was teenage approved! Since using this Med-Time I have not had to even ask if vitamins or medications are taken now because they are being taken on time and not being forgotten by both teens and that builds their self-esteem! Not to mention I do not have to be the nagging Mom anymore over medication or vitamin compliance! What a blessing this device is for Asperger Autism kids and their parents!
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