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Boston (Wellesley), MA -- e-pill, LLC, a provider of a state-of-the-art pill timers and medication alarms to combat Prescription Non-Compliance, announced today that its e-pill medication reminder devices (e-pill is a registered trademark) are now available for purchase at e-pill's President, Stefan Solvell, stated, “This launch is part of our strategic plan to make e-pill a household name in patient compliance and medication adherence”.

The product line consisting of some 30 different medical devices are used to remind patients to take their medication at the right time as prescribed by their doctor. A patient using an e-pill will receive an alarm by sound, voice or vibration at the time requested to remind them to take their necessary medications.

Prescription Non-Compliance is a highly dangerous problem affecting over 50% of all people taking medication. The statistics on this problem are astounding as 125,000 people die annually. Complications arising from non-compliance also account for 10% of all hospital admissions, an increase in hospital stays by 4.2 days, 23% of all nursing home admissions and are a staggering cost to insurance companies of $270 million daily solely attributable to non-compliance.

The targeted users of e-pills are primarily senior citizens (baby boomers), but people of all ages should benefit. People being treated for diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, transplants, heart failure, add/ADHD and many other ailments need to take their medication at precise times to maximize the effect of the medicine. "Drugs can only work if taken right and caregivers have embraced these e-pill products,” Solvell says. Many are family and children of the aging parent. The caregivers are busy trying to raise their own families, work and other commitments, with an e-pill the worry of making sure that someone takes their medication correctly can be alleviated.

How do I purchase an e-pill? Simply visit or one of the company's many Web properties;,, or call 1-800-549-0095.

About e-pill. e-pill, LLC a Boston (Wellesley), MA based company that utilizes proven electronic timing devices (watches, automatic pill dispensers, pill boxes, multi-alarms) to help patients remember to take their medication on time. If you have any questions, please call the company at 1-800-549-0095 or

e-pills are sold in all states in the U.S. and the company’s products are used by thousands of individual caregivers and doctors and nurses in hospitals, universities, home health agencies, and facilities.
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