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How to complete your:
SOS ID Medical Chart

Please Read This First - Absolute Accuracy Is Vital And Can Save Your Life!

If not sure, ask your doctor for the proper medical details to enter. Most of the form you can fill in yourself using a good pen. For best results, please print in capital letters using a fine point roller pen. If writing small is a problem for you, please ask a friend or relative to fill out the strip for you.

Extra Medical Charts are available from

The SOS ID Medical Chart pictured above is shown separated into sections for clarity. The actual Medical Chart is 12 inch long.

The displayed Medical Chart is filled in as an example. Do not remove the top and bottom parts of the strip before you have filled in your personal and/or vital medical information.

After the SOS ID Medical Chart has been completed, tear off the upper and lower edges along the perforated lines, and fold it accordion style. When folding, start with the red SOS on top and make sure that the grooves or notches are exactly on top of each other.

Next, unscrew the top of the locket, remove the retaining clip, insert the accordion folded paper strip with the red SOS on top, replace the clip and screw the SOS cover on hand-tight. The special gasket will make it water resistant. However, regularly check the tightness of the cap.

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Section A:

There is a number on a piece of paper inside the locket. Enter this number across the red letters SOS. This helps relate the strip with your capsule when the strip is removed to be read. Next, enter your name, address, phone numbers and date of birth.

Section B:

Enter the name and phone number of the first person to be notified in an emergency; an alternate name in case the first one does not respond; then the name and phone number of your family doctor.

Section C:

Enter your religion plus instructions. Next enter your blood group.


Section D:

Enter any allergies, medicines and medical treatments you may be undergoing. In the second section, enter vaccinations and the dates.

Section E:

This section is for additional medical data. Example: Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Kidney disease, Lupus, Heart Condition, Surgery, medication taken, no blood transfusion, organ donor and authorization, lenses, dentures, etc.

Section F:

This section is for general information of importance, like Hospital Plan number, Medicare number, Organ Donor Authorization, Social Security number, Caregiver for whom, next of kin, etc.

With SOS ID your medical and personal information confidentially stored inside an indestructable waterproof locket.

Experience the Elegance, Peace of Mind and Security with the internationally renowned SOS ID system. Order one for yourself or a loved one today from e-pill Medication Reminders (

SOS Medical ID (GOLD)
SOS Medical ID (GOLD)

World's Most Popular Medical ID
World's Most Popular Medical ID

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