981231 e-pill MeDose PARKINSON 12 Alarm Vibrating Watch

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12 Vibrating Alarms and Auto Reset Interval Timer Alarm Watch Medication Reminder

Good looking yet discreet Alarm Watch for Parkinson's patients. e-pill MeDose (medos) PARKINSON Twelve Alarm Vibrating Wrist Alarm Watch with Interval Timer.

PARKINSON 12 Alarm Vibrating Watch and Long Interval Timer Count-Down Timer (both Auto-Reset)
Works for all Parkinson's Patients
Never forget your PD medications again!

The e-pill MeDose PARKINSON is a nicely designed medication reminder watch (vibration or sound or both). It looks like a normal sports watch; it shows real time, day of week, up to twelve daily alarms and has a count-down auto re-set interval timer with long duration. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! FREE Shipping & Handling (US only). Never Forget to take your Medications Again!

Click to enlarge images. Picture shows (left / ALM) Alarm 12 set for 10:50 PM and count- down timer (right / CDT) set for an interval of 3 hours and 30 minutes set to auto repeat.

PARKINSON Vibrating Alarm Watch - developed specifically for PD Patients. Discreet and Easy to Use.

Alarm Watch Features:
  • 12 Auto-Reset Alarms AND Long Interval Auto-reset Timer (Count-down Timer) for Parkinson's (PD patients).
  • Easy to Set Alarm Watch. Easy to Use.
  • Multi-Alarm Vibrating Alarm Watch designed for Parkinson's patients.
  • 12 Daily Independent Alarms - all alarms reset automatically at midnight and repeat again tomorrow at the same time.
  • Auto-Reset Count-Down Interval Timer for up to 99 hours (in Hours and Minutes) with auto repeat. Start the alarm watch in the morning after you have taken your first dose for the day. Interval is stored and only needs to be programmed once.
  • Vibration Alarm, Sound Alarm or Both Alarms (vibrating and beeping) at the same time. Alarm duration 30 seconds for all alarms.
  • Vibration alarm helps hearing impaired patients.
  • Fixed daily schedule: ==> PD patients starting their day at the SAME TIME use 12 DAILY Auto-Reset ALARMS (use ALM setting).
  • Varying daily schedule: ==> PD patients starting their day at DIFFERENT TIMES daily use INTERVAL Auto-Reset TIMER. Count-down Timer with Automatic Reset (use CDT / REP setting).
  • Display shows Time (AM/PM or Military Time) and Day of Week. Number of Alarms Set is shown on main display. Date by pressing button B.
  • Backlight Easy to Read Display, makes it easy to see for night time medication taking.
  • 2nd generation e-pill MeDose Alarm Watch is a popular choice for anybody taking medications multiple times per day. Works well for all patients (not just for Parkinson's).

  • This watch is for anybody who does not want the world around him or her to know they are on medication.

    This watch has allowed me to be prompt with my six times a day pill taking (now up to twelve). This compliance helps me stay "steady" all day. In the past I either forgot or was late or couldn't remember if I had taken my meds. I am really pleased with the watch that vibrates on my wrist and doesn't announce to the rest of the world that it is "time to take your pill. P.V. NJ

    The e-pill MeDose PARKINSON Alarm Watch works as a discreet reminder, in meetings, at church etc. Size is suitable for men and women. Original e-pill MeDose was developed for children with diabetes - alarm watch vibrates - time to go to the school nurse & get an insulin injection! Not only for children - this watch style is for adults and teenagers! Great looking alarm watch with smart contemporary European styling. This is the second generation MeDose (medos) after more than 10 years we are introducing the medos 2 / MeDose Parkinson vibrating alarm watch.

    SKU: 981231
    Size: 1 3/4 inch x 1 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch. Weight: 1.3 Oz.
    Warranty: One Year by Manufacturer. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
    Alarm: Vibration, Sound or Both. Alarm Duration: 30 Seconds (Fixed alarm and Interval alarm) | Manual
    Manufactured by: ROLAND the apple pro production inc.
    Shipping: FREE Standard SHIPPING. Non-US customers pay $15.00 for S&H
    Battery: CR 2032 (included + one spare included)
    Battery Life: 4 - 6 months

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