PuffMinder Inhaler Dose Compliance <br>Recorder/Dose Tracker

PuffMinder Inhaler Dose Compliance
Recorder/Dose Tracker

PuffMinder Inhaler Dose Compliance
Recorder/Dose Tracker
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PuffMinder® Timers, Counters & Reminders for Inhalation Medications - Asthma / COPD - delivered by MDI or DPI (Inhaler / Puffer): www.PuffMinder.com

PuffMinder DOSE DIAL Dose Tracker for your Asthma Inhaler or Pill Vial.
Simple medication adherence recorder
(# of doses / last time taken).

Dose Dial Compliance Tracking Device. Keep track of the number of Inhaler (PMDI) Puffs or Oral Doses ("Pills") taken with this innovative dose tracker. (click any image to enlarge it)
Feel Better. Avoid Medication Errors.

Watch a YouTube VIDEO How the e-pill Dose Dial Works

The e-pill Dose Dial (patent pending) attaches to any Asthma Inhaler or Medication Vial / Pill Bottle. The e-pill Dose Dial is portable and about the size of a silver dollar. Made of high quality plastic. | Inhaler Tote Case with Emergency INFO. | Asthma Reminder Alert

Manually set time when medication is taken or count number of doses taken.

It easily attaches to any container with the included chain and tape forms. It also includes handy labels for pertinent information, which stick on the back of the Dose Dial. This non-electric reminder is simple to use by manually turning one or both dials to set the time and counter for doses taken. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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