Children and Asthma: PuffMinder Inhaler Asthma Devices

Children and Asthma: PuffMinder Inhaler Asthma Devices (

PuffMinder® Timers, Counters & Reminders for Inhalation Medications - Asthma / COPD - delivered by MDI or DPI (Inhaler / Puffer):

  • One in 10 children in the United States has asthma.
  • Nearly 4 million children have had an asthma attack in the past year (330,000 asthma attacks per month!).
  • Asthma attack preparation.
  • Inhaler Dose Counters Proven to Reduce Visits to ER (emergency department).

  • What is Childhood Asthma? How does it affect your child or young adult? What symptoms and triggers to look out for in your child? | PuffMinder devices: ORDER | Peak Flow Meter for CHILDREN. Popular MedReady Inhaler Case for Children (and Adults).

    Learn about getting kids to take their Asthma COPD meds (Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz.) and find helpful devices ( that make managing childhood asthma a little easier.

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