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MONTHLY 31 Day 4 Alarm MedCenter Organizer Pill Box Talking Timer $84.95 FREE Shipping
962950 e-pill Monthly Pill Box MedCenter Organizer System with Loud 4 Alarm MedCenter Clock. Everything included; 31 Pillboxes, "Parking Garage", Pill Timer with 4 Daily Alarms and Manual. FREE Batteries. FREE Standard Shipping.

Retail price: $95.00Sale price: $84.95

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MONTHLY MedCenter Pill Box Organizer System:
31-Day Pill Box (4 x Day) + LOUD Alarm Clock

Monthly Pill Box complete $84.95
31 Pillboxes, Organizer and Loud
Talking Alarm Clock, FREE S&H

Never forget to take your medications again with the e-pill MedCenter monthly organizer and pill timer system. FREE Standard SHIPPING and FREE Batteries. Compete - Ready to go system. Easy to hear LOUD ALARM. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Feel Better. Avoid Medication Errors.

Monthly Medication Pill Organizer System
Med center, pillboxes and medication reminder for your daily medications. Simplify and organize pills for 31 days. Loud talking alarm.

Organize a month’s worth of pills into 31 daily compartments up to 4 daily doses (morning, noon, evening, night). Alarm features loud or extra loud settings. Large backlit clock. Always remember when to take medications with the handy voice reminder that sounds a persistent alarm until the user presses the red acknowledgment button. Avoid medication errors; Red and Green indicators provide added peace of mind that pills were taken. | Need Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser?

Unique RED (taken) / GREEN (not yet taken) Pill Box Signal

  • Monthly Pill Box Organizer with Medication Reminder.
  • 31 Pillboxes x Four (4) Dose per Day.
  • Loud Alarm Clock. Alarms auto repeat every day (No reset required).
  • Large Easy to Read display with Backlight shows pill box # (click to enlarge image - shows day 20).
  • Easy to Set Four (4) Alarm Pill Timer.
  • Long Alarm Duration (60 minutes).
  • Volume Control (Loud Alarm or Extra Loud Alarm settings).
  • Complete medication management system. Everything you need (including batteries).
  • No Monthly Fees.

  • Up to 4 doses per day: Each Pill box has 4 compartments, labeled Morning, Noon, Evening and Night. Pill capacity 20 aspirin sized tablets per dose. Each pillbox has a number #1-#31. Each pill box has a RED side (taken) showing number and a GREEN side (not yet taken) showing pill box number. Clock shows todays pill box number (1-31) in large digits. The active pillbox should be placed on the rigth side of the timer. | More Pill Dispensers

    Size: "Parking garage" MedCenter organizer foot print is 8 inch x 10 inch. Pillbox 4 inch x 1 1/8 inch x 15/16 inch.

    Pill Capacity: Up to 20 aspirin sized pills per dose. Maximum to Four (4) Doses per Day.

    Alarm Duration: 60 Minutes. If after 1 minute of alarming, and the "ALARM ACKNOWLEDGE" (big RED button on top) has not been pressed, the alarm will go silent for 3 minutes. Then sound again for 1 minute, followed by 3 minutes of silence. This will repeat until the "ALARM ACKNOWLEDGED" button is pressed or until 1 full hour has passed.

    Battery: 2 x AA replaceable (batteries are included)

    Automatic Pill Dispenser Medication Organizer e-pill Med-Time XL (No Monthly Fees)
    Automatic Pill Dispenser Medication Organizer e-pill Med-Time XL (No Monthly Fees)

    Retail price: $495.00
    Sale price: $389.95
    WEEKLY Organizer Pill Box Alarm Timer $59.95 FREE Shipping
    WEEKLY Organizer Pill Box Alarm Timer $59.95 FREE Shipping

    Retail price: $69.95
    Sale price: $59.95
    Best Medication Dispenser Monitored MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser (No Monthly Fees)
    Best Medication Dispenser Monitored MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser (No Monthly Fees)

    Retail price: $895.00
    Sale price: $789.95
    PILL BOX *
    PILL BOX *

    NO Monthly FEES Medical Alarm
    NO Monthly FEES Medical Alarm

    Retail price: $295.00
    Sale price: $239.00
    Weekly 4 Alarm Pillbox $24.95 FREE Shipping
    Weekly 4 Alarm Pillbox $24.95 FREE Shipping

    Retail price: $49.95
    Sale price: $24.95
    Professional INFO e-pill Medication Reminders www.epill.com
    Professional INFO e-pill Medication Reminders www.epill.com

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    ORDER / Products

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