e-pill 4 Alarm Lazy Susan Monthly <br>Reminder Pill Organizer

e-pill 4 Alarm Lazy Susan Monthly
Reminder Pill Organizer

e-pill 4 Alarm Lazy Susan Monthly
Reminder Pill Organizer
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Simple and Easy to use Daily Pill Timer to Remind you to Take Your Pills

The e-pill MedGlider LAZY SUSAN (Alarm Timer and Cabinet Turntable / Medicine Organizer Tray) is a practical Medication Reminder system for organizing and remembering all your medications (pills, inhalers, syringes, drops, insulin etc.) and keep them stored in one place. The is easy to use electronic e-pill MedGlider Pill Alarm Timer has up to four (4) daily auto-repeating alarms. Alarms auto-reset at midnight each day. Turntable (included) with anti-skid surface stores and holds all your medications in one place. Alarm timer can be detached and fits in your purse or pocket. | Order Pill Timer + Pill Box e-pill MedGlider DAILY | Order Pill Timer w/ 7 Pillboxes

Never forget to take your medications again! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. One (1) Year Warranty. Popular e-pill Medication Reminder. (click to enlarge photos) | Other MedGlider Pill Reminders | Alternative e-pill MedTime STATION Automatic Pill Dispenser.

e-pill MedGlider Lazy Susan (Cabinet Turntable) 4 Alarm Pill Timer - Organize your Medications MONTHLY:

  • Four (4) Alarm Medication Alarm Timer
  • Practical Storage Space ("Lazy Susan") for all your medications, pills, tablets, inhalers, drops, syringes, vials etc.
  • LOUD Alarm and Blinking Light
  • EASY to PROGRAM Medication Alarm Timer
  • Alarm(s) Auto-repeat each day (no reset required)
  • Missed Pill Indicator
  • Turntable fits on your counter or in kitchen / bathroom cabinet.
  • Non-Skid Surface keeps medicine safe and surface on turntable is molded into the platforms for durability-easy to clean
  • 3/8-inch Rim prevents meds from falling off as you turn
  • No Monthly Fees

  • The Easy-to-Set e-pill Alarm Timer can be used stand-alone or attached to the Lazy Susan (as shown in picture). Unique "missed pill indicator". Alarms auto-reset at midnight each day. Powered by 'Easy to Replace' two AA Batteries (does NOT use "hard-to-find" button cells). Ensure patient compliance and well being - order your e-pill Medication Reminder today! FREE Standard Shipping (US only), 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Never forget to take your medicine again and feel better! Price includes FREE batteries.

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    Manufacturer: e-pill Medication Reminders (e-pill, LLC)

    SKU 833632 UPC 837066007267 e-pill MedGlider LAZY SUSAN (Turntable) 4 Alarm Pill Timer | Instruction Manual

    Size: Electronic part 4 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch x 1 inch | Turntable 9 1/2 inch round x 3 1/2 inch high (pill timer can be detached from Lazy Susan).

    Batteries: 2 X AA (included). Battery Life: One (1) Year.

    Alarm: 3 Minutes with Missed Pill Indicator. 10 seconds On - 10 seconds Off.

    Shipping: FREE Standard Shipping for US Customers ($15.00 non-US Customers).

    e-pill MedGlider LAZY SUSAN with 4 Alarm Timer. 4 Alarm e-pill MedGlider Loud Alarm Timer with 9 Inch Non-Skid Cabinet Turntable (Lazy Susan). Complete with Batteries (2 x AAA) and Instruction Manual / SKU 833632

    Instruction Manual
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