14 Day x 4 Alarm Pill Organizer with<br> Vibrating Alarm Timer

14 Day x 4 Alarm Pill Organizer with
Vibrating Alarm Timer

14 Day x 4 Alarm Pill Organizer with
Vibrating Alarm Timer
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Practical Weekly Pill Planner.

Practical Weekly Pill Planner. 7 Day or 14 Day Pill Organizer with 4 Alarm Medication Reminder and Sorting Tray. Easy to Set alarm timer stays in place (magnetic holder) or can go with you (portable) and has a discreet yet strong vibrating alarm. 14 Pillboxes x 4 Doses per Day are included with this practical e-pill 7 Day / 14 Day Pill Organizer and Medication Reminder System.

Complete medication management system for 7 days or 14 days (or one week for two people). Makes a great gift.

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Practical Pill Organizer Med Box with Alarm Vibration Timer for your Kitchen Counter. Dispense all your medications or vitamins up to 4 times per day for TWO Weeks or His/Hers for 7 Days.

Never forget to take your medications again. Avoid medication errors. FREE Standard SHIPPING. FREE Gift. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. (click to enlarge images)

  • 14 Days Stylish Pillbox Organizer for your Kitchen.
  • Large Pill Capacity. Store all your Medications, Supplements and Vitamins in one place.
  • 4 Alarm Easy to Set Medication Reminder (Alarm Timer) with 'Missed Dose Indicator' included.
  • Pill Timer has discreet Vibration Alarm or Sound Alarm or Both. li> Use at Home or On-the-Go (bring alarm timer + today's pill box with you).
  • Two weeks (14 Days) or Two Persons (His & Hers) for 7 Days.
  • Up to 4 Doses per Day Pill Pods (14 Pill Pods are included).
  • Use at Home, at Work or at School.

  • Easy to use organizer system for pills and vitamins. Stylish modern design looks good on your counter top:

    We've all done it. We start a healthy supplement regimen with best intentions. Maybe we have a prescription or two our doctor has advised. Before you know it, we are managing several pills a day and we need a system.

    Busy Lifestyle? Stay healthy, stay on track! This Bi-Weekly Pill Planner with Advanced Auto Reminder is designed to improve medication adherence (patient compliance). Choose between Audio Alarm, Visual Alarm and/or the discreet Vibration Alarm. This pill planner is simple to set up and has many features to make sure you will never forget to take your medications again!

    Kitchen e-pill Organizer Med Box 4 Alarm Vibration Timer Pill Box.

    Size: System 10 inch high x 9 inch deep x 9 inch wide Weight: 5 pounds
    Pill Pod (pillbox): 2 1/8 inch round and 2 inch high
    Alarm Timer: 3 1/4 inch x 2 1/8 inch x 1 inch

    Batteries: 2 x AAA (included) | Battery Life: 1 Year

    Pill Capacity: 27 aspirin sized tablets per dose. Up to 4 doses per day.
    More than 100 aspirins per Pill Pod. 14 Pill Pods are included. Practical pill sorting tray included.

    SKU 790534 | UPC 635893000907 | Ennovea Weekly Pill Planner with Advanced Auto Pill Reminder

    Warranty: One (1) Year. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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